Inspection Services

Quality Inspection Services with 5-Axis CMM, Optical Comparators, Surface & Hardness Tests

Dimensional Analysis: Today’s Machined parts come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Our Quality Inspection Services include Flexible multi-axis measuring equipment, which is essential for part inspection and dimensional analysis to verify the parts, their accuracy, and quality. At Pegasus Manufacturing we use state of the art 5-Axis CMM Machines, Optical Comparators, Surface and Hardness testers to ensure that your part meets all your demands.

First Article Inspection and PPAP: First Article Inspection is crucial to a success for product. At Pegasus we analyze your product before it’s cleared to go to manufacturing, examining it for any defects. It doesn’t matter if it’s prototype inspection, full dimensional analysis or Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), or first article inspection report, the information gathered is essential in the manufacturing process to ensure quality and not to waste your dollars. At Pegasus we pride ourselves on helping you produce a quality part that meets your demands every time.