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CNC Milling, 3 & 4 Axis

Nothing in the world of manufacturing is as important as the CNC machine, and CNC milling machines are the most widely used type today. They are machine tools which are used for the shaping of metal and other solid materials. The CNC milling machine exists in two basic forms: horizontal and vertical. Nearly all types of material on this planet can be drilled, cut, or machined by these machines. There are several advantages over other manufacturing processes, one is that they are cost effective for short runs. They can also machine complex shapes and tight dimensional tolerances with ease while achieving very fine surface finishes. CNC milling machines help scale down production costs in the long run by reducing setup time and wastage while increasing production and still ensuring quality. In order for them to form the finished part, the cutting process can start with a solid block, casting, or forgings. To operate these machines, the machinist is required to have the skills to read and interpret complex technical drawings, specifications, and work to a high degree of precision and detail.

At Pegasus we offer a complete machine shop that is outfitted with some of the best CNC milling machines which allow us to be capable of holding extremely tight tolerances with extremely fine surface finishes that will exceed expectations. With our machines we are capable of working with a variety of materials ranging from plastics, aluminum, all steels, titanium, magnesium and many others.

Here is what we can provide with our CNC Milling Machines:

  • CAD/CAM software for assisting in programming CNC milling machines for prototyping and final manufacturing
  • 3 and 4 axis CNC milling to achieve complex dimensions
  • Application support for your CNC milling machine applications
  • CNC milling prototyping to perfect your part before production
  • Production based CNC milling for large volumes
  • Precision, reliability, and consistency of multiple CNC milling operations with a single setup