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Forging Dies

Forging is a manufacturing process where the shaping of metal completed by the use of compressive forces. The forces are typically generated and delivered by a hammer or a forging die attached to some form of a ram. Forging (forging dies) has existed for millennia and was typically done by blacksmiths. The traditional products of the time where forging dies were used were kitchenware, hardware, hand tools, and edged weapons. Since the Industrial Revolution, forged parts are widely used in various mechanical industries such as the automotive and heavy machinery industries, basically when a component requires high strength; such forgings are used do to the strength, reliability, and the ease of manufacturing of forged parts.

Today, forging is a major worldwide industry.The reliability and integrity of forged products are recognized by the world for their strength and the demanding engineering applications for which they are designed. As a leader in the tool & die design and manufacturing, Pegasus Mfg has the experience of supporting the Forging Industry for over 30 years with cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing in the tool & die world. The company’s recognized expertise and accomplishments lie in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of forging dies and the machined components of the forged part itself.

Pegasus’ history of tool & die manufacturing dates back to 1944, with the acquisition of F & P Machining Inc. (Formerly: Frizzelle and Parsons Die Sinking Company). F & P Machining Inc. was founded in 1944 by Richard Frizzelle & Henry Parsons, Frizzelle & Parsons Die Sinking Company has a long and successful history of service to the die-cast, plastic, and forging industries.

F & P Machining Inc. was committed to remaining at the leading edge of the forging industry, a commitment that has carried over to Pegasus and is strongly maintained today. This commitment to growth shows up in consistent quality and excellent value we bring to our customers. The net result is lower cost for our customers and more profit in their operations.